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Roger Molls – The Man With Dusty Fingers (2011)




Jenova 7 - Dusted Jazz Vol.2 (2012)

Jenova 7 (born Michael J. Sirois) is a 22 year old independent filmmaker and musician, originally from Boston and currently living in Los Angeles. He produces downtempo trip-hop music and is currently a member of the Dusted Wax Kingdom label. His albums include "Soul For Sale" (2010), "Dusted Jazz Volume One" (2011) and "The Sounds of Sector 7" (2012). He is currently working on multiple music projects as well as a feature length screenplay for a horror/drama set during a zombie apocalypse.After the great success of Jenova 7's first release, here comes Dusted Jazz Volume Two. The layering of phat drums, groovy basslines and addictive jazzy elements is pure genius and brings delightful reminiscences from the supreme years of the oldschool organic samples-based hip-hop.

Dusted Jazz Vol.2 released 15 February 2012 
Photography by: Dan McBride
Album Design by: Hypoetical
Flute by: Hugo Kant (Track 15)
Co-produced by: Mr. Moods (Track 5)
Scratches by: Leenox The Turntablist (Track 5)

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Scotty Hard


In the summer of 1988, Scotty Hard, a native of Vancouver, Canada, heard the first rebellious wails of saxaphone on P.E.'s "Rebel Without A Pause," permanently altering his destiny. After a 10 year engagement with the punk and alternative scene in Vancouver, Scotty packed his bags and moved to New York City determined to participate in its hip hop revolution.
His initiation into the New York beat underground began at the legendary Chung King House of Metal and famed Calliope Studios, two of Manhattan's premier hip-hop sound factories. It was at Calliope in 1989 that Scotty settled for 3 to 4 years, working with such artists as Prince Paul, De La Soul, the Jungle Brothers, Ultramagnetic MC's, Jazzy Jay, DJ Mark the 45 King, Stetsasonic, Brand Nubian, Black Sheep, Louie Vega, Fat Joe, Stereo MC's, PM Dawn, Major Force Posse, and The Lifer's Group.
In 1990, during a session he was doing with Q-Tip, Scotty met Jason Furlow and Sebastian Laws,who were just then launching the group New Kingdom. Scotty produced their first demo and their two critically-acclaimed albums for Gee Street Records and played electric guitar in their incendiary live shows.
Scotty's affiliation with WordSound came through Kevin Martin, a British journalist/producer, and mutual friend of Skiz Fernando. After contributing fat performances to Crooklyn Dub, Volumes 2 &3 both Subterranean Hitz compilations, and projects by Slotek and Dubadelic, Scotty made his debut solo appearance on The Return of Kill Dog E (WSCD034).
After producing Mike Ladd's "Nostalgilator" (K7), Mike asked Scotty to lend a hand on some mixes for "Negrophilia" (Thirsty Ear), his contribution to the Thirsty Ear Blue Series, which paired avant-garde jazz musicians with forward thinking hip hop producer/beat makers. Upon hearing what Mike had done (along with contemporaries like El-P, Anti-Pop Consortium and goodandevil), he decided he might as well weigh in on this conversation. Building on his work producing downtown jazz rule breakers Sex Mob, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Melvin Gibbs and DJ Logic, Scotty released his second solo album, "Radical Reconstructive Surgery" (Thirsty Ear). A blend of free improvising and heavy beats, this record consolidated and advanced his take on the Blue Series collaboration with John Medeski, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Nasheet Waits, DJ Olive and Mauricio Takara. Abstract and bangin' at once, it's a stark, keyboard driven sonic stew drivin by a nonmetronic, funky metric line .
Scotty is currently doing shows with his longtime collaborator Sebash (Sebstop/Sebastian Laws), a project involving vocals and visuals, and locally performing drummers. For their series of shows in Brazil, Scotty and Sebash collaborated with Mauricio Takara, drummer and trumpeter for Hurtmould, one of Brazil's most critically acclaimed "post-rock" groups. Scotty has, in fact, produced some of Brazil's finest cutting edge musicians -- including Mamelo Sound System, Hurtmould and Naçao Zumbi.
Never one to rest on his laurels, or invest his energies in the latest musical trend or orthodoxy, Scotty has continued to mutate as a musician, producer, and collaborator extraordinaire.

As some of you may or may not know, Scott Harding (a/k/a Scotty Hard) was in a bad accident this past February. The road to recovery is long and hard and as has been noted before, “Legal resolution of insurance settlements will take a long time, and there is no way to know what the long term financial picture will look like. In the meantime there is rent due, mixing console payments to be made, a myriad of bills to pay to keep creditors at bay etc, not to mention medical and legal bills that will start to come in.”
If you wish to make a donation or just to keep abreast of the various benefits that are going on for Scott, please go to http://www.ScottyHardTrust.com
Thank you for your support.

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Al'Tarba - Petite Maline

Alice Sweet Alice (1976)

Directed by Alfred Sole, Alice, Sweet Alice(originally titled Communion, also known as Holy Terror) explores the horror lurking behind the Catholic church in a small New Jersey community.
Little Alice Spages (Paula Sheppard) is jealous of her younger sister Karen (a very young Brooke Shields). Karen gets the pretty dress, Karen gets the pretty cross necklace, and Mom definitely prefers Karen the best. So, it's only natural that when the precocious sibling is brutally murdered before her first communion, suspicion falls on Alice.
Of course, we horror fans know better. The first suspect is the worst suspect. Or is it?
Downlaod (torrent)