Πέμπτη, 29 Μαρτίου 2012

Juice Aleem - 'Jerusalaam Come

Juice Aleem, long-acknowledged as one of the finest MCs the UK has ever produced, finally goes solo. The sometime New Flesh and Gamma frontman who has also worked with Coldcut, Hextstatic, Evil 9 and Adam Freedland amongst many, many others, has decided that at last it's time to go for self.

"Jerusalaam Come" is the result - thirteen tracks of varied beats and broad musical influences held together by Juice's unique lyrical style and mental dexterity. Largely produced by Gamma/Shadowless legend Blackitude, it's an album which is both as raw and as sophisticated as the minds who have made it.

First single "First Lesson" kicks things off, Juice showing rather than telling, when it comes to the failings of many of the MCs on the scene. "Straight Out Of BC" is an electro-dub tribute to the second city featuring Moorish Delta's Cipher Jewels. "The Fallen (Gen. 15.13) continues the dub and roots feeling with a complex lyric drawing links between Biblical proverbs and "The Fallen" of our own society. "Who Is He?" - produced by Tomz and featuring him and Blackitude - is a Gamma get-together, the lyrics skipping over the beat with complete control. "Rock My Hologram," produced by Si Begg, is a dubstep-flavoured number. On "U4Mi" Juice addresses sex and relationships, using a sly humour which is sometimes overlooked in discussions of an MC who can deliver lyrics any way he likes. "KunteKinTeTarDiss" is an attack on rap music and contemporary society more generally. "Higher Higher" is a straight lyrics/battle tune, complete with tribal yells and a bell at the end of each round. "You Shut The ____ Up" is a blistering put down to a younger generation of rhymers who make up what they lack in skill with pure front. "The Killer's Tears" is a Wu-esque story-rhyme drawing on Juice's love of martial arts. "Church of Rock" finds Juice testifying, not entirely seriously, to his own godhood. The album finishes with "Sang Real," an uplifting tribute to the internationalism in Juice's own bloodline and his worldview.

There's no pretence with Juice Aleem - the working title of this album "This Is Not For Everyone". If you're not interested in lyrical intelligence, in hip hop, in MCs with something to say, in Blackitude's skank-funk, in ragged intellect, in ideas, in difference, in coming correct, then you may as well give it a miss. It's an over-used phrase, but in terms of what hip hop is supposed to be about, Juice Aleem is the real deal. If you prefer the fake deal, the trendy bullshit, constant novelty without substance, then turn off now.


Τρίτη, 27 Μαρτίου 2012

Black Marvel - Immanuel

written by : m harper 
aditional vocals: Immanuel Harper
produced by m harper
label :supercharger records/Godzwrath.


Drunk Barber Cabal- Vice Versa ft. Poetic Death & Baron Von Molotov

prod by Krippled Khemist
cuts by Drew Dollars
Skulldozer 2012
Cane Corso Records

Lewis Parker - Mr Parker's Siesta

Music Video for Lewis Parker's tune 'Mr Parker's Siesta' on his World of Dusty Vinyl label. Shot in London, England in 2003, it was played on MTV2 and Channel U 

Δευτέρα, 19 Μαρτίου 2012

Klashnekoff - The Sagas Of Klashnekoff (2004)


"Its Murda" 
"Parrowdice" (Feat. Kyza, Skriblah) 
"B 4 U Die" (Feat. Kyza, Skriblah) 
"All I Got" 
"Black Rose" 
"Our Time" 
"Daggo Mentality" 
"Son Of Niah"

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Simple As This featuring 2MEX by Dj Handprints & Dj Ethos

Simple As This featuring 2MEX 
by Dj Handprints & Dj Ethos
Video Produced by Drezinate Productions 

Meyhem Lauren - Got The Fever (Lewis Parker Remix)

Lewis Parker remix of Meyhem Lauren graffiti anthem "Got the Fever" 

John Robinson & Lewis Parker ft Angelz Inc. - Harlem River Drive

John Robinson & Lewis Parker -- Harlem River Drive Feat. Angelz INC.
From the Album "International Summers" Available on CD / 2LP / Digital (itunes) 

Le Klub Des Loosers - Baise Les Gens (2003)

Le Klub Des Loosers voit le jour en 1998. Il est composé de 2 Versaillais : Fuzati le MC, aux compétences d'improvisations sur scène incroyables, et Orgasmic Le Toxicologue, le DJ du Klub mais aussi de TTC, dont les scratchs font mouches à chaque fois (il vient d'ailleurs de sortir un mix qui n'est pas passé inaperçu l'année dernière sous le doux nom de "Orgasmic Le Toxicologue est secrètement amoureux de vous"). Le groupe est découvert par Tekilatex de TTC et va faire de nombreuses apparitions sur diverses tapes et autres compilations dont les plus connues sont: "L'Antre De La Folie", "Gastro Entérite" et "Project Chaos"

Label: Record Makers
Production: Klub Des Loosers, Para One
Année: Janvier 2003

01. Baise Les Gens
02. Ca Va S'Arranger
03. Ca Va S'Arranger (Instru)
04. Poussière D'Enfants
05. Poussière D'Enfants (Instru)
06. Désintéressement Passionné


Hiob & M. Dilemma - Apokalypse Jetzt (2009)

Hiob & Morlockk Dilemma
Apokalypse Jetzt
VÖ: 16.06.2009
Label: SpokenView


Lewis Parker - Game Of Charades

The track is a remake of the 'Fake Charades' song that featured on Lewis Parker's first full length LP 'Masquerades & Sillhouettes' back in 1998'. The beat has been reworked in the SP-1200 and the vocals have been rapped again! Also features the instrumental version too! 

Σάββατο, 10 Μαρτίου 2012

The Gigantics - Die Already (2008)

01.Die Already
02.The Explanation ft. Aesop Rock, Onry & Eligh
03.Ball & Chain of Squares ft. SOl.Illaquists Of Sound
04.Biological Nothing ft. Xperience & Macklemore
05.Memories ft. JFK
06.Ghettoblastertelevision ft. Onry & Sleep
07.Mr. Anaya ft. P.O.S. & Onry
08.10 Brovas Strong ft. Cancer Rising & Pale Soul
09.Keep Walking ft. StepCousins
10.Safe ft. Vursatyl, Silas Blak & LMNO
11.Shut Up ft. Murs, Vitamin D & Mr. Lif
12.The Redtown ft. Onry, Barfly & Cool Nutz
13.Grownfolks ft. Candidt, Nyqwil & Anaxagorous
14.So You Suffer ft. Swollen Members
15.Memory Loss ft. Onry, Mis 'Fatale & Pigeon John
16.Deadpeoplepeprally ft. Onry, Awol One & Alexis D. Fultz
17.Slicktalk ft. Onry, Karim & Gold
18.Poor Thing ft. Josh Martinez
19.Medicine ft. Onry Ozzborn, N8 The Gr8 & Pricy
20.Faingool ft. Azrael, Syndel & Gold
21.Don't ft. 2mex, Iame & Coley Cole
22.Electric Men ft. Destro, Brad B & Snafu
23.Time's Still Up ft. PeGee13, Ecaj & Mako
24.Las Vegas Swimming Pool ft. ft. Sapient & Qwel

Gel Roc & Mascaria - Laws & Flaws (2005)

Track List

02-Adaptation** ft Ellay Khule
04-Fundamentals ft Nite N Dae, Virus, & Mascaria
06-Cease to Amaze** ft Regret, Existereo, Syndrome, Zagu Brown, 2Mex, Awol One, Tommy V, & L*Roneous
07-Never Knew Me*
08-Love Letter
09-Cryin and Dyin
10-Let It Go*
11-Good Times…Bad Times (Surviving Words)
12-Death’s Eternity
15-Something I Said…
16-Life’s Simple Dreams (573)*

* Scratches performed by Roach The DJ
** Scratches performed by DJ ESP


Πέμπτη, 1 Μαρτίου 2012

Shitao - Nocturnal Tales

35 minutes with monsters ,ghosts, creaking doors, creepy landscapes....


Cane Corso Radio Seven

In Order of Appearance...
Riishii g7, True Masterz, Atma, Morlock Dilemma, Ruffkid, Meanwhile, Vida Killz, Son Of Saturn, Grim Moses, 
Boxguts, Lodeck, Dr Steel, Kalki, Holocaust, Melanin9, Explicito, Jotaka, Joey Baggs, Species, Soul Shinobi, Poetic Death, Indrid Cold, Alhazred, Stranded, Old Childs Clan,Alkoholika, Pesticyde, Twisted Logic, Anthony Analog, Arcanegel, Aquarius Minded &
Krippled Khemist


Trust One and friends - Internally Embedded [the album]

Trust One[Formula Abstract,Jewelz Infinite]
and friends...Internally Embedded the album
art cover by: boilbuttzz