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Aesop Rock Meets Portishead / mixed by The J. Kingz (2006)

1.Freeze/ Sour times (5:02)
2.NY Electric / Cowboys (4:25)
3.We're Famous / Over (6:08)
4.Babies With Guns / Roads (5:31)
5.Easy / Mysterions (4:48)

As an avid Aesop fan, I have made it a personal quest to find all of the music he has released to date. His unique style is one that never grows old. However, I wasn't a huge fan of the Bazooka Tooth album (though it was still artistic and innovative). That was, until I heard the Rockhead EP by J. Kingz. In a seemingly odd combination, J. Kingz fuses the avante-garde musings of Aesop with the beautifully eerie downtempo music of Portishead. And this is not just your typical mash-up or a sloppy slapping-together of two opposing styles and genres. J. Kingz blends the two equally inspiring artists into something that sounds totally unique. Each beat and vocal sample taken from Portishead is chosen to suit the tone and mood of the flows laid down by Aesop (courtesy of Bazooka Tooth). Not to take away from Aesop or Portishead in their original forms, but J. Kingz gives the selected tracks a whole new feel and vibe. I highly recommend this to any Aesop Rock and/or Portishead fan, not as a replacement for the artists' original works, but as an excellent tribute. Source:http://offbeet.blogspot.com/2008/01/aesop-rock-meets-portishead-rockhead.html

"You don't innovate because you can't innovate. It's not a choice, despite what you might tell your boys. Keep your identity crisis under the table, I always know who I was and I'll always be more famous" el-producto

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S.E.S.H - 4535 (1998)

Sesh is what this reviewer needed. There are no mentions of drug dealing, killing people, disrespecting women and there is very little profanity. The hip-hop underground is a strange place-- sometimes there are hopefuls that lack talent but hold onto the dream of making it big no matter who or what tries to dissuade them, while other times, there are simply fantastic individuals who are blessed with more than their fair share of talent and get slept on unneededly. The latter best describes Sesh. I sincerely hope that Sesh will get a larger fan base and more exposure than they already have because anything this dope needs to be shared witheverybody.byOmegaXLSource:http://www.inmusicwetrust.com/articles/11a07.html

press this 4 download:www.megaupload.com/?d=IH8MNJXS

Aloeight ( NEW COCOON )

born in Oakland, CA
- started producing in 2000
- has produced beats for Ceschi & David Ramos, Noah23, Wormhole, JohnTsunam, StapleMouth, Whimbly Small Fry, Helix, K-the-I???, Broken Klutch, Escape Artists, Penny, Ellay Khule, Nga Fish….
Burial at Sea
Dry Light
Fusion Kites
In the Name of the Man feat. Natalie and Ghesol
Missing Child feat. Ceschi
Stencils feat. Dave Lagner and Ceschi
Open Mercury feat. Distorted Megabytes




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Meet Your Hypnosis compilation volume : V

meet your hypnosis compilation volume V
various artists selection by: 542 odessa trick makers
each one teach one, keep real hip hop alive

Infinity Gauntlet - ?

Heavy instrumentals hardcore San Diego underground 2008.

Will Tell - The Will Tell Compilation Volume 1.That's Right inc

Will Tell - The Will Tell Compilation Volume 1.That's Right inc 2000

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Basik MC – Apex Predator

Basik MC – Apex Predator
metropolitan music group .2003  
Artwork By [Illustration] – Isaac Pierr
Photography – Antonio Borrego III, Jaime Macias 
Producer – Slant (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 9)
Mr.Len :11
Eligh :5
Eye-3 :7
2Fat :8
The Groutch :10
cd release of the '98 cassette release with two additional tracks.

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TRUST ONE: The All Seeing I

TRUST ONE: The All Seeing I
This CD is more than just music. It contains the heart and soul of many talented emcees, thousands and thousands of hours of hard work put into thought prevoking lyrics and melodies. With so much going on in this crazy world we live in,  it is important for people to wake up and absorb a deeper meaning within the hiphop and rap community and beyond. There is much more to life than cars, money, and drugs. Times of change are upon us... its time for people to step out of their box and detach from the shell....
Rest In Power King MODERFIRE

TRUST ONE: The All Seeing I .2011

support the artist 
buy: http://cdbaby.com/cd/trustone3

download link:

Species TheLow - For Those Who Have Eyes

For Those Who Have Eyes, Species Thelow
Musical and Lyrical Genius. A Complete Musical Masterpiece. Can those two phrases be used to explain an album? They can when the album is a work of art like this one. The production on this album is almost unparalleled in the music industry. In our present day, time and time again we hear mainstream artists boast of production by some well respected mainstream name or label and how incredible the music is or is going to be, and so many times we are still left disappointed by these artists due to having ZERO control of their art and offering nothing different from the last artist or really not having well crafted their skills in having an album that makes complete sense from open to close. This is much more than just throwing some songs on an album.
For those familiar with the group The Society Of Invisibles, Species album, For Those Who Have Eyes, may appear as another chapter in the groups book-although that is plausible it is not the case as this album is a book itself. For those unfamiliar with the group or Species I must warn you that the world you are about to hear will make your mind see things that you will never get in mainstream anything. The album is a musical movie or novel in your head with imagery painted so precise and pristine that you only need your ears and a third eye to see every part of For Those Who Have Eyes.....
album review by:


Species TheLow - For Those Who Have Eyes 2011

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Cane Corso Records - Supernormal Decorum

Cane Corso Records - Supernormal Decorum 2011

Morlockk Dilemma - Circus Maximus


Morlockk Dilemma - Circus Maximus 2011

La Constellation.feat Frankenstein & Dan-e-o - Elements

Solar - Back To Reality (Instrumental)

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[ WSDD001 ] Spectre - Tunes From The Crypt (2006)

The man who pioneered such innovative styles as dub-hop, broken beat and dance noir does it again with a collection of sounds that is altogether shocking, alarming, caustic, controversial, nonconformist, deranged, eclectic, and unclassifiable, but always dope. (As in, this ain't no unlistenable so-called "avant garde" bullshit. This shit is bangin' dun!) Sorcerer of the sonic realms, Spectre takes you on a journey to the Fringes, where all things are possible and where the future of hip-hop meets its past. Be warned, you have stumbled upon a glitch in the matrix, but Salvation is your own choice.

Have a nice night : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O1XRUOYT

This track in not included in tunes from the crypt...

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Dday One - Heavy Migration (2008)

Dday One was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He has a double major in hiphop as a turntablist and samplist. He also has a minor in graffiti art (as do most b-boys), noticeable by his signature. His obsession with manipulating vinyl records started in the early 1990's, when at the age of 11 he began exploring the depths of Los Angeles' thrift shops and record stores.

Without a sampler at the time, his first compositions were made by engaging in sessions of "dropping the needle" (placing the needle repeatedly in the same spot of a record to emulate the repetition of a break in a song) and repeatedly looping the desired sample segments on a tape deck. After using this method of creating beats and amassing stacks of records from years of beat mining, he furthered his manipulation of vinyl and love of music by utilizing the sequencing capabilities of a sampler.
Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CAMUFC4G

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Morlockk Dilemma – Morlockko Plus The Instrumental EP Serie #1 (2011)

Morlockk Dilemma – Morlockko Plus The Instrumental EP Serie #1 (2011)

Angels and Insects mixtape

[check video info]
Angels and Insects mixtape

Aesop Rock - Music for Earthworms

Aesop Rock - Music for Earthworms 1997

Species - Oil and Opium

For Those Who Have Eyes 2011
video by Blunted Sultan....Cane Corso

The Premonist - Collections, Vol. 1

The Premonist - Collections, Vol. 1

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Dj Cream - Nique La Musique De France Mixtape 1998

Dj Cream - Nique La Musique De France Mixtape 1998

Kamnouze - La technique du globule noir [1999]

Kamnouze - La technique du globule noir [1999]

the controls - one hundred

the controls - one hundred [1999]

Tenshun - fuck officer Wahl & the SSDPD

Tenshun's (real name Jon Calzo) is an eclectic turntable/electronic music artist and beatmaker from san diego CA, head of Skrapez label and part of the Creatures and kilowattz crews.
In recent years, he has performed concerts in Los Angeles and San Diego including the Museum of Contemporary Art Downtown. Calzo is also a member of an electronic music duo called Tenshun who just released a few recordings on their own label and the group Obscuricon. For the past two years, Calzo has been blurring the lines of musical genres with his extensively wide range of influences, mixing his own music with hip-hop, funk, polish jazz and scratch-dub. A very brief list of his influences include David Tudor, John Cage, The Executioners and QBert.


Tenshun - fuck officer Wahl & the SSDPD [2006]

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Penny - The clockforth movement (2002)

Penny fills an enormous void in hip-hop: sexy feminine lyricism thats as aggressive experimental as it is easily accessable. With a clean delivery like Ladybug from Digable Planets, she could rely on teh watery-smooth grain of her voice, yet she finesses the beat with all types of twisty intonations, changing paces with the quick flip of a word.

Production: Penny, Dj Noreen, Manicdepressive, Wes Bonifay, Rajbot
1. The Clockforth Movement
2. Parents
3. Thisorder
4. Air Drops w/Rajbot
5. The Camera Dance
6. Godzfavor
7. The Shift To “N”
8. The Upping Hand
9. Antique Couplings w/Troubadour, Noah23
10. The Digestive System
11. Our Addict Ring
12. Penciled Cursive-Red (air)
copy / paste this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mz5z2z23g2y

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Atoms Family/Centa of Da Web - Beyond Human Comprehension

This CD is 2 EPs wrapped together into one full length release. The first EP is the re-release of Centa of da Web's "Beyond Human Comprehension" (first released in 1996). The second EP is the Atoms Family Archives Volume 1. The first in a series of never before heard songs from the crews past.

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Anomaly - Howle's book.[1998]

k-the-i??? - broken love letter

k-the-i??? : broken love letter

Emanon - Steps through time 1997-2000

Emanon ; steps through time 1997-2000

Grayskul - deadlivers

Grayskul : deadlivers[retail 2005]

Sebutones - 50/50 where it counts.1997

sebutones : 50/50 where it counts.1997