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Alfred Schnittke - Story of an unknown actor, op. 125

Alfred Schnittke: Polyphonischer Tango

Alfred Schnittke: Clowns und Kinder (1976)



Κυριακή, 12 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Rubberoom - Acid 2.0


pes mou ena psema(denis,rasim,andreas,zini)

Lost Children Of Babylon Live - Lost Tapes

Cane Corso Records - Armored Hearse II

«Θέλουν να σας κάνουν καλά. Αλλοίμονο, εκεί φτάνει ο παραλογισμός των λογικών. Καλά, δηλαδή να γυρίσετε πίσω, έξω στην τέφρινη πραγματικότητα, να ξαναδήτε πίσω με την κρίσι του ακέραιου μυαλού την πιο αβάσταχτη, την πιο αρμολογημένη αλλόφρονη λογική της ζωής που σκοτώνει την ανθρώπινη καρδιά. [...] Μα τι θα βάλετε στη θέση του οράματος εσείς οι λογικοί; [...] Καλοπροαίρετοι γιατροί μου, αν επιμένετε να με γιατρέψετε από κάτι, γιατρέψτε με από την λογική».
Ρώμος Φιλύρας από το δρομοκαΐτειο

Τρίτη, 2 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

Cypress Hill feat Call O' Da Wild -The Ninth Symphony-

Marq Spekt - The Shoplifter

Starvin B - 99%

"Αυτός ο συγκεκριμένος άνθρωπος

είχε μία συγκεκριμένη ζωή

με συγκεκριμένες πράξεις.

Γι΄αυτό και η

συγκεκριμένη κοινωνία

για το συγκεκριμένο σκοπό

τον καταδίκασε σε αόριστο θάνατο."

Κ.Γώγου-Τρία κλίκ αριστερά

Πέμπτη, 21 Αυγούστου 2014

Starvin B - Blood From A Stone (2014)

Starvin B's latest release produced entirely by One Take. Over the last 3 years, One Take and Starv have been putting songs together. Slowly but surely, Blood From a Stone emerged and it sounds like Starvin's most cohesive work to date. This project is an ode to everyone trying to overcome societies ills. Intricate lyrics and superior flows over hard drums and jazz loops. A definite must have for any avid hip hop fan.



released 01 April 2014

Produced by Jonathan "One-Take" Erazo
Mixed by Spent D'nero
Recorded at Goblin Studios

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Terse - Faded Flowers

Kapwon & Kalki Ft. Deepak Chopra - Seers of the Truth (Prod. 7th Realm)

Stranded,Kalki,Riishi G7 - Sword Of Prajna

VIDEO - Demi Portion / B Lel / LaCraps / Abrazif / 10Vers / Nedoua / Se...

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Superscientifiku - Recall Match

BVA - Insomnileptic (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Illinformed)

Various - Atlantis Sessions & The Deadly Art Of All Day Brainstorming (C...

Aceyalone - Greatest Show On Earth (Moodswing9 Remix) [Moodswing9 Exclus...

Da Lensmen - Viking Wars (Moodswing9 Exclusive)

Che Guevera - Dreams (Moodswing9 Exclusive)

Lyrical Commission - F*ck All The B.S (remix)

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[sand silo anomaly] by Cane Corso Records



Untitled (II) -D A Y : 4 1-
[sand silo anomaly] before the sand mound horizons sand-suns dust, flood plain lune and bound moons arising over night cycle scuffles, cyclic form in wake of dirt skies, clear reverence in why they forsake the old lies of a pyroclastic smear, gastric sallow coagulants scorching the last frontier impaling botanical implants inhaling toxic ferns and cannibalistic sea plants gasping mandibles and ruptured mechanical conflicts slough replica refineries through structured parables, grasping afflictions inside of me partible puncture delusions, an abysmal condition in which a fallible deity screams fear in convolution, violent upheaval and asocial devolution the seared moth, a wasteland eludes napalm and face scans, renditions of paradigms shifting land mass within temporal strands of the sun in retrospect of the aftermath afore day forty one, seconds before impact after the war has begun fire rushing thrusting combustion, explosion grounds trembling and the burning question to survive the flame in your eyes reflects an immenseness of fiery tides arising behind the heat and pressures too great a gesture of shielding your senses in an all out effort of not going blind but the overwhelming calmness of dying is measurable only by the brief acceptance of peaces inside and the sensation takes hold


released 17 February 2014
album art by boxguts www.mybedofnails.com

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Mestizo & Kip Killagain - Salvatore

Qwel ‎-- If It Ain't Been In A Pawn Shop, Then It Can't Play The Blues (...

Seven Star - Clairvoyages (feat. Coty) (prod. by Manuvers)


Τρίτη, 28 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Onoe Caponoe - Narnia On Pluto (ft Jehst)

Onoe Caponoe - Willows Midnight Gallery | Audio Doughnuts | Free Download: http://audiodoughnuts.com/onoecaponoe...

Jman - Any point of the day (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Any point of the day is taken from Jman's debut album dropping in the near future.
Produced & cuts by Badhabitz

Trellion & Rawkid - 'Wonton Soup' (Official Video)

Filmed & edited by Will Fidler.
Beat by Trellion.

Haan & Sixth Sense- Time feat. Quest R

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“I was sentimental about many things: a woman’s shoes under the bed; one hairpin left behind on the dresser; the way they said, 'I’m going to pee.' hair ribbons; walking down the boulevard with them at 1:30 in the afternoon, just two people walking together; the long nights of drinking and smoking; talking; the arguments; thinking of suicide; eating together and feeling good; the jokes; the laughter out of nowhere; feeling miracles in the air; being in a parked car together; comparing past loves at 3am; being told you snore; hearing her snore; mothers, daughters, sons, cats, dogs; sometimes death and sometimes divorce; but always carring on, always seeing it through; reading a newspaper alone in a sandwich joint and feeling nausea because she’s now married to a dentist with an I.Q. of 95; racetracks, parks, park picnics; even jails; her dull friends; your dull friends; your drinking, her dancing; your flirting, her flirting; her pills, your fucking on the side and her doing the same; sleeping together”
― Charles Bukowski, Women


released 21 January 2014
all songs produced by the arkeologists
mixed and mastered by dj shamann
all cuts by dj shamann
executive producer-critical bil